Forex Wealth Builder

Ten Minute Forex Wealth Builder

What is so good about this product?
10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder generated 278 pips, producing $2,789 in cash on a EUR/USD trade. On a USD/CAD trade, the system earned 119 pips ($1,192).

There are three main reasons for trading failures: fear and greed, over trading and late entries. This Forex course is designed to teach you the trading strategies that focus on rational responses of the forex market. The two systems taught at the tutorial only focus on the reasonable shifts in supply and demand in currency. The course comes with PDF manual (downloadable) and video tutorials.

10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder Features:
1. Two revolutionary forex trading strategies that can pinpoint huge currency moves up to 24 hours in advance: End-of-day Breakout Method and Longer-term Swing Method
2. The two systems use no indicators at all. They use price as the only indicator.
3. Getting Started in Forex (2-Part Video Tutorial): Opening A Demo Account and Getting To Know the Charting Software
4. End-of-day Breakout Method (4-Part Video Tutorial): Trend Determination, 10MFWB Breakout Entry Formation, Stops and Take Profits and Live Trade Examples. Targets 100 -200 pips per trade in 8 different markets, uses a fixed reward-risk return of 2-to-1 and trades typically last 2 -4 days
5. Longer-term Swing Method (4-Part Video Tutorial): 10MFWB Swing Entry Formation, Support and Resistance Secrets, Entries and Placing Stops and Live Trade Examples. Targets 200 – 400 pips per trade, with a flexible reward-risk return of 2-to-1 or better and trades typically last 3 -7 days
6. Tell you how to avoid trading when the market is going nowhere
7. Learn why trailing stops are taking away your profits and how you can put a stop to it
8. Recommended forex broker to use
9. How to use “support” and resistance” in the most efficient way
10. Learn how to manage your money on the account and minimize your loss

Benefits of 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder:
1. You only need 10 minutes a day to implement.
2. Your account will grow as much as 30% a month with limited risk.
3. Forex beginners can easily apply the methods and earn money quickly.

The average of winning trades is about 70% by using the price driven entry techniques. Using both Breakout and Swing Systems and following 8 to 10 currency pairs, you will get around 2 to 3 trades a week.

They have customer support and usually give you a reply within a couple of hours.

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