Forex Point and Figure System

What is so good about this product?
Forex Point and Figure System generated 2,200 pips on a GBP/JPY trade by buying. On another trade of GBP/JPY, the system produced 1,700 pips by selling.

A Forex Point and Figure System chart consists of series of columns with either ‘X’s or ‘O’s. These are the building blocks of the point and figure charts. The Xs represent upward movement. The Os represent downward movement.

“Forex Point and Figure” charts are different from candlestick and bar charts in many ways. Point and figure charts don’t account for time into the construction of the chart but only price. Point and figure charts look at the highs and lows of a currency pair over a certain trading period, such as 5-minute, hourly and daily to determine if the chart changes. There are rules that govern the construction of the charts, determining when a reversal occurs: this is known as 3 Box Reversal.

Movements of Xs or Os take place only when the minimum determined price moves. If the value does not change, no new markings appear on the chart. Let’s say, 25-pip is a configuration of the charting rule. If a price moves more than 25 pips, a new box of an X or an O is added. It is easy to see buying and selling zones with Point and Figure charts. A long column of Xs means that buyers are in control. A long column of Os means that sellers are in control. Point and Figure charts clearly show reversal of action and sentiment.

Forex Point and Figure System Features:
1. If you see a box of Xs, the overall value went up. A box of Os means the overall value went down. When a box of Xs has one X higher than the last box’s, it’s time to buy. When a box of Os goes one below the last column of Os, then it’s time to sell. The system will generate buy/sell signals ONLY when price signals a buy or sell.
2. Designed for long term trading. The sytem is not set up for day trading.
2. You only need five minutes each day to check your charts.
4. Designed only for MetaTrader 4 platform. You will receive a customized MetaTrader 4 charting program.
5. A System Manual
6. Pre-recorded instructional videos, which will show you how to trade with the system
7. Email support directly from the system creator

Benefits of Forex Point and Figure System:
1. Learn how to clearly identify trends and entry signals in advance
2. Will know when and where to take huge profits
3. Learn how to set tight stops
4. Will get access to proprietary indicators

Forex markets fundamentally move from human greed to fear and vice versa, creating huge fluctuations. Traditional methods of technical analysis such as candlestick charting and the use of technical indicators can’t account for the randomness caused by the human involvement.

All we care about is that traders are taking action, that currency pairs are moving and that the responses are “observable and systematic”. Forex Point and Figure System only focuses on the meaningful shift in supply and demand in any given currency. The indicator will help you to determine when a currency is overbought, when it’s oversold, the sweet spot of trends and which pairs to trade.

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