Forex Assassin

What is so good about this product?
Forex Assassin generated 89 pips ($890) on a trade of AUD/USD on Feb 19, 2008. On another trade of USD/CHF, Forex Assassin produced 75 pips ($750) on Feb 5, 2008 with less than 5 minute of work.

“Forex Assassin” is quite a radical and bold system because the developer tells you don’t need to know any knowledge about Forex trading such as indicators, fibonacci charts and other formulas.

This revolutionary new system uses no indicators and “pick and choose” trading zones – so you can choose the hours that you want to trade. Forex Assassin uses price as the only indicator. Because the system uses trading zones, you don’t have to sit in front of a computer all day long or for hours at a time. Forex is a ‘set and forget’ system designed for 9-to-5’ers. The system tells you exactly when to enter and exit – no decision making required.

Forex Assassin Features:
1. Can start trading with as little as $100
2. You work out your trades during the weekend.
3. No trading experience necessary. It’s impressively easy to learn. No need to understand a bunch of indicators, charts and formulas
4. Works in any country
5. Works with any broker
6. Can be applied to any currency pair

What is your labor part to run Forex Assassin?
Step 1: Each and every Saturday or Sunday, you sit back in the comfort of your home and extract exact prices from the market. This is a black and white process which takes less than 5 minutes to do.
Step 2: You take those numbers and plug them to the secret Forex Assassin Formula.
Step 3: The formula immediately spits out exact entry, take profit and stop loss prices.
Step 4: You set the orders with your broker (based on the prices Forex Assassin provide you with) and simply wait for the pips to roll in.

What you get with the Forex Assassin Trading System:
1. A complete exact step-by-step guide of the system over 50 pages
2. A guide on how to trade on a demo account before you activate your real account.
3. A sample copy of a trading plan for you to use. You will receive a unique trading plan that took the system developer over seven years to perfect.
4. A list of sites where you can get your free demo account to paper trade
5. A time tested formula in a spreadsheet where you simply enter desired currency pair prices. The course will teach you how to extract these prices mechanically within less than 1 minute.
6. Unlimited email customer support

You just need to fill out the spreadsheet to get the long and short entries for the week. The profit target is set after reading the manual and adjusting your trading plan to suit your own capital situation.

The system operates on 7 – 12 trades per month. Forex Assassin cuts your losses short and rides your winners, reducing the risk of losing capital.

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