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Forex Assassin

What is so good about this product? Forex Assassin generated 89 pips ($890) on a trade of AUD/USD on Feb 19, 2008. On another trade of USD/CHF, Forex Assassin produced 75 pips ($750) on Feb 5, 2008 with less than 5 minute of work. “Forex Assassin” is quite a radical and bold system because the […]

Capital Investment Working Capital

Current assets – Knowing its role in working capital management

Current assets give a clear idea about the firm’s financial position. In most firms working capital capabilities are purely judged by the current assets. The balance sheet account that represents the represents the assets that are likely to turn liquid in the given financial year can be termed as the current assets that a company possesses. […]

Working capital definition made easier

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Traders And Investors Rebounding After Guar Controversy

Traders And Investors Rebounding After Guar Controversy Indian exchanges are seeing an increase in commodity trading after regulatory action was taken because of the guar gum trading issues. Guar gum prices had increased 1,000 percent before trading was banned, and many traders suffered as a consequence. Many investors have stayed away from trading for the […]

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