4 Stars – Forex Trading Machine

What is so good about this product?
With Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) strategies, one of subscribers made 32 pips ($320) within an hour in a EUR/USD trade.

In spite of the weak U.S economy for the last few weeks, US dollar has gained much strength against euro and other European currencies. Many people are stepping away from automated software and paying attention to trading manual (strategies) instead. Along with Forex Power Strategy and 10 Minute Forex Builder, Forex Trading Machine is one of solid forex tutorial products. It does not only teach you how to trade but also provides you solutions for generating winning trades.

Forex Trading Machine Features:
1. 180-page ebook contains information from the basics of the forex market to three PDFT strategies. The book covers for both beginners and experienced traders.
2. The swing system called Forex Cash Cow will show you how to take advantage of a unique swing trading opportunity (lasting one to two days) that occurs several times in a month.
3. The two day-trading systems, Forex Runner and Forex Flip & Go are designed to take advantage of certain market opportunities that occur every day in several currency pairs.
4. The three PDFT strategies don’t use any technical indicators such as Fibonacci, moving average, support and resistance, etc.
5. 9 video lessons: 3 Forex Cash Cow videos, 3 Forex Runner videos and 3 Forex Flip & Go videos

How Three PDFT Strategies Work:
1. Forex Cash Cow Strategy
Step 1: Every day after the end of the trading day the trader checks to see if Condition One of the system has been met. This step takes only 10 seconds. If Condition One has not been met, nothing happens. If met, it means there could be an entry signal the next trading day (the trader already knows to what direction, long or short) and Step 2 comes into play.
Step 2: The next day the trader simply enters three types of orders with his broker: a limit order for initiating the trade, a stop loss order to limit risk and a profit objective. All these three numbers are exact pre-set numbers that you will learn how to calculate in less then 10 seconds. No interpretation or judgment, just follow exact rules.
Step 3: Wait for results.

2. Forex Runner
Step 1: Choose the timeframe you want to trade in. Since the forex market is a 24-hour market, you can choose a trading period that best suits you.
Step 2: Select the currency pair or pairs you want to trade.
Step 3: Apply Forex Runner rules to identify a trade.
Step 4: After you identified a trade, you simply enter a buy or a sell order. At the same time you enter a stop loss order and a profit objective order.
Step 5: Wait for results.

3. Forex Flip & Go
This day trading strategy focuses on EUR/USD trading. The average daily pip range of the currency pair is from 80 to 100 pips ($800 to $1,000). Forex Flip & Go will show you how you can catch the larger part of the 100-pip swings right at the beginning of the move.

The key of success in day trading is having small losses and large profits. Forex Flip & Go identifies a large move at the beginning. If it is wrong, it will get you out of the market with a minimal loss (smaller than 10 pips).

Benefits of Forex Trading Machine:
1. You will have over 100-pip profit trades a couple of times in a week
2. Your loss will be very minimal, so your profit compounds will get bigger at a fast pace.

Two FREE Bonuses:
1. Trading Non Farm Payroll Profitably – The forex market is many times dominated by important economic reports release. The government reports can sometimes cause 150-200 pips in certain currency pairs within a few hours. The biggest of all these reports is called Non Farm Payroll and is issued by the US government.
2. Trading for Beginners by Mark McRae (103 pages)

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