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What is so good about this product?
Forex Autopilotgenerated 281 pips within only 5 hours, producing $2,800 in cash. In another case, Forex Autopilot (FAPS) earned $3,089 from an initial investment of just $500 in a week.

Trading system of Forex Autopilot advisor is based on over 20 modern forex indicators such as Alligator, Fractals, DeMarker and William’s Percent Rate. The system detects good trend, confirms it using internal indicators and opens the trades to take maximum profit for you. The system does not use fixed stop loss parameter to prevent getting losing trades. Forex Autopilot advisor monitors each open trade carefully and closes it if reaching take profit limit when the trade is successful. If the trade is losing Forex Autopilot advisor closes it using signals of its internal indicators to prevent drawdowns.

Forex Autopilot (FAPS) Features:
1. Automated trading software
2. Easy to set up and run the system. First, you download Forex Autopilot, open a real or demo account with your broker, run the automated trading robots (Expert Advisors) and let the robot advisors trade on your account.
3. ForexAutoPilot advisor is optimized and can work only on EUR/USD pair on 1M (1 minute) timeframe.
4. Forex Autopilot is developed for the MetaTrader 4 platform only.
5. Several adjustable parameters such as stop loss, take profit, long & short positions and allow live trading or manual confirmation.
6. Depending on your broker rules, you can start trading with as little as $500. Forex Autopilot’s recommending capital is between $2,000 and $5,000 USD.
7. You can use it anywhere in the world 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.
8. Can be tested without having to risk any trading capital by first training on a demo account
9. No trading experience necessary.

Another key feature: Forex Autopilot uses the secret ‘Fibonacci Formula’ to determine the most beneficial time to enter and exit the Forex market.

The company supplies Forex trading guide (Step-by-Step Success Blueprints) along with the software.

Forex Autopilot also provides customer support service. As soon as you sign up, they will give you a dedicated telephone number to use anytime you wish.

Apart from the software to purchase, you can subscribe to FREE Money-Making Trading Tips.

“Forex Autopilot” offers three bonus gifts:
1. Non Farm Payroll (NFP) Robot– It is a unique trading robot for MetaTrader 4. The robots automate the risky high profit trading on important economic news like non-farm payroll. Five minutes before the NFP event, it automatically opens five pending buy and five sell orders with optimized distances between the current prices calculating several factors. When the opportunity opens itself, the robot starts the trade to increase the profits and minimizes the risk using trailing stop.
2. Ultra Trend Robot – It is technical analysis robot. The robot detects trend and strength of the trends and finds support and resistance levels. It can be used for Elliot waves and Fibonacci levels. The indicator surpasses all well-known indicators like ADX, Stochastic and Moving Average.
3. $100 Credit– They made a deal with a well known brokerage that credits each Forex Autopilot user $100 USD bonus on their deposit.

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